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Association Introduction

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Beijing Automobile Industry Association was established in July 1996, by the Beijing area of ​​automobile manufacturing enterprises, modified car special vehicle manufacturers, engines and parts enterprises, automotive service enterprises, related industries and enterprises and research institutes, tertiary institutions School and other 48 units jointly initiated the establishment. Approved by the Beijing Municipal Government, approved by the Beijing Municipal Administration of the Office of the registration of cross-sectoral, cross-ownership, cross-regional community organizations.


Association of existing members of more than 240 units, including: vehicle manufacturing enterprises 9; modified cars, special car business 42; parts manufacturing enterprises more than 160 (including Korean enterprises 13); research institutes, colleges School and service trade enterprises more than 30, membership coverage of more than 80%. Members of the enterprise sales accounted for more than 95% of the industry; member companies existing total assets of more than 35 billion yuan, more than 6,000 workers.


Beijing Automobile Industry Association's mission is: to serve the enterprise, for the industry services for the government services for the community. In the enterprise and the government play a link between the role of the bridge to promote the Beijing auto industry sound and fast development.

The main functions of the Beijing Automotive Industry Association are:

First, coordination services;

Second, self - discipline and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member companies;

Third, to help government departments to strengthen industry management.


The main business scope is: industry research, industry planning, industry management, industry information statistics exchange, organization of talent, technology, vocational training, organization of exhibitions, organization of scientific and technological achievements identification and application, advisory services, domestic and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation Wait.


Beijing Automobile Industry Association is the highest authority of the General Assembly, the Association of the Council, the board of supervisors, executive council, advisory committee, technical committee of experts. The permanent office of the association is the secretariat, the secretariat under the office, industry development department, industry information department, science and technology department, external contact department.


After nearly 50 years of development, the whole industry has formed a passenger car (car, light sport utility vehicle, MPV), commercial vehicles (light truck, medium and heavy truck, semi-trailer, light bus, medium and large Passenger cars, all kinds of modified special vehicles and non-complete vehicles) and agricultural vehicle product platform, and gradually formed a car, commercial vehicles, light off-road vehicles and buses, special car comprehensive development of the product pattern, to promote the industry-wide vehicle and zero Component product development, production and sales, trade in services as one of the industrial chain development. Beijing auto industry has become an important pillar industry of Beijing's economy, is expected in 2008 Beijing auto industry automobile production and sales will exceed 1 million, sales revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan.


Beijing Automobile Industry Association is willing to work with colleagues at home and abroad, extensive exchanges and work together to promote Beijing and China's auto industry sustained, healthy and rapid development to make greater contributions.