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Application for membership

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Beijing Automobile Industry Association membership management approach (Trial)

To strengthen the management of members of the Beijing Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Association") membership management to improve the management level and quality of service, give full play to the role of the bridge link to promote the development of the Association, in accordance with the association charter, specially developed the following membership management approach The


First, the registration and approval of membership registration


(A) membership


Where the recognition of the Beijing Automobile Industry Association, according to the law to obtain industrial and commercial registration business license, engaged in the industry production, management, trade in services in the field of enterprises and institutions; according to the law to obtain registration of scientific research institutes, universities and social groups; Industry (subject, field) within a certain influence of the experts, scholars can apply for participation in the Association.


(2) Membership acceptance procedures


1. The unit (or individual) who has applied for membership can be downloaded from the Beijing Automotive Industry website or received the registration form and association charter from the office of the Secretariat of the Beijing Automobile Industry Association.


2. The applicant unit (or individual), after carefully reading the charter of the association and filling in the registration form, signed by the enterprise legal person and affixed with the official seal (individual member's signature) together with the unit business license (copy) copy, etc. submitted to the secretariat of the Secretariat The


3. The office of the secretariat of the association shall be submitted to the Secretariat for examination and approval by the Standing Council after accepting the registration form. The Office of the Secretariat of the Association informs the applicant for approval as a full member in writing and issues a membership certificate to publish a list of member units on the Beijing Automotive Industry website.


4. Newly approved as a member of the unit, since the approval of the membership within one month after the payment of the current year. After July 1, members who have been approved for membership will pay 50% of the annual payment fee.


Second, the members of the rights and obligations


Members of the Association shall recognize and abide by the articles of association, perform their obligations and enjoy the corresponding rights.


(A) Members enjoy the following rights:

1. Have the right to vote, to be elected and to vote;

2. participate in the activities of the Association;

3. To give priority to the services provided by the Association;

4. Criticism and supervision of the work of this Council.

5. Join the voluntary, withdrawal free.


(2) Members fulfill the following obligations:

1. the implementation of this resolution;

2. safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of this Council;

3. Completed the work assigned to this Council;

4. Payment of contributions as required;

5. To reflect the situation and provide relevant information to this Council.


Third, membership management


(A) membership management

1. The office of the association secretariat is responsible for the management of membership, the establishment of member units database.

2. Association will often keep in touch with the member units, to understand the membership, to help member units to solve the problem and to reflect the views of the relevant departments to provide advice on information services.

3. Association will be in-depth member units for comments and suggestions, close relations between the two sides each year to visit a certain percentage of member units.

4. Beijing auto industry website is a platform to communicate with members, and through regular members of the unit to send the relevant car information, inform the work and the relevant information, report the industry dynamics, to convey government documents.

5. The Association will collect the annual contribution to the member units before April 30 of each year.

6. If the member unit has special difficulties, may request a relief fee, submit a written application to the association, decided by the Secretariat.

7. Membership units or individuals who contribute to the association shall be approved by the executive committee of the association every year and shall be given a reward, recognition or award of honorary title according to the contribution size respectively.


(2) Membership changes, withdrawal and membership cancellation

1. If the member unit fails to pay the membership fee or does not participate in the activities of the Association for more than two years, the association will cease its service and no longer enjoy the relevant rights of the member units stipulated in the Articles of Association of the Association.

2. Member units require withdrawal, should be submitted by the unit in writing and notify the Council, approved by the Secretariat to withdraw. Members should retire when the unit should be cleaned up the economy and other matters, by the Association Secretariat to recover the member unit license, and write off their membership.

3. In case of cancellation, relocation or reorganization, division and other changes related to the association, the members shall promptly notify the association and handle the corresponding change procedures.

4. Members of the unit if there is a serious violation of the Association of the behavior of the Association, or engage in serious damage to the reputation of the Association of acts, by the Executive Council to discuss the adoption, to be removed.


4. The present Measures shall be implemented after the approval of the Executive Council and shall be interpreted by the Association Secretariat.