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Party activities


Xu Heyi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the 19th National Congress of Beijing Automobile Group, answered questions from reporters

2019/05/06 17:29
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On the evening of October 19, 2017, the press center of the Nineteenth National Congress invited representatives of the Industrial and Communications Industry Party to give a collective interview on the theme of "taking a new road to industrialization". As the only representative of the automobile industry who participated in the event, Xu Heyi, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee of Beiqi Group, introduced the development achievements of China's automobile industry and Beiqi Group itself to the Chinese and foreign media since the 18th National Congress, and answered relevant questions.
"The five years since the 18th National Congress have been the fastest-growing, most successful and most profitable five years for China's automotive industry as a whole, and the golden five years."
For the overall development of China's automotive industry in the past five years, Xu Heyi summarized it with "five years of gold". He said:
The five years since the 18th National Congress have witnessed the fastest development, the greatest achievements and the best benefits for the entire Chinese automobile industry. In a nutshell, it's five years of gold. The achievements made in the past five years include several aspects:
First, it has become the world's largest automobile producer and seller for eight consecutive years.
Second, the market share of our own brands has exceeded 50%.
Third, lead the development direction of new energy vehicles. Our country has become the largest market of new energy vehicles in the world for two consecutive years, and the overall level of new energy vehicles is also in the international advanced ranks.
Fourthly, great progress has been made in the past five years around the comprehensive strength of the automotive industry, the transformation of industrial structure and the supporting capacity of the spare parts industry.
"Beiqi Group has also ushered in the golden period of enterprise development in the past five years. It has been ranked among the world's top 500 for five consecutive years and has made progress in 199 places in five years."
Over the past five years, Beiqi Group has also made great strides in development. Xu Heyi introduced that:
In the context of the great development of the automotive industry, Beiqi Group has also ushered in the golden period of enterprise development in the past five years. In 2016, the production and sales of automobiles reached 2.85 million vehicles, with business income exceeding 400 billion yuan, and has been ranked among the top 500 in the world for five consecutive years. This year's ranking reached 137, up from 336 five years ago, and has improved by 199 in the past five years. That's change.
"It is the responsibility of Chinese automobiles to let Chinese brand cars go to the world."
Speaking of his own experience, Xu said:
First, we should always attach importance to strengthening the ability of independent innovation and developing independent brands, which is the lifeblood of Chinese automobile enterprises.
Secondly, we should attach great importance to the development of new energy automobiles strategically and actively, instead of putting on a fancy airplane, and focus on the development of new energy automobile industry, which is the future of Chinese automobile enterprises.
Third, we should vigorously promote the internationalization of the automotive industry, so that Chinese brands of automobiles to the world, which is the responsibility of our Chinese automobiles.
"We now have a certain strength to develop new energy vehicles with international companies in China for PK. We should promote our faster and healthier development through market competition.
In response to a reporter's question about "the development thinking of Beiqi Group's new energy automobile industry facing international competition", Xu Heyi said:
At present, China's new energy vehicles account for more than half of the world's new energy vehicles, and I believe this proportion will increase. Take Beiqi Group as an example. Last year, we finished 50,000 vehicles in production and sales, and this year we will break through 100,000 vehicles, so the whole growth rate is very obvious.
Now some multinational corporations have come to China to develop new energy vehicles, which is a good thing and an opportunity for "international cooperation". According to General Secretary Xi's report, the door of China's reform and opening up will be wider and wider.
From the perspective of Beiqi Group's new energy automobile business, how to truly transform the first-mover advantage into the leading advantage is the most difficult and biggest task for us at present. Through these years of first-mover advantages, we have accumulated various resources, nurtured core technology, talent team, and accumulated experience in various fields. We now have a certain strength to develop new energy vehicles with these international companies in China for PK. We should take an open attitude and take an open step to promote our faster and healthier development through market competition.
Beiqi Group's specific measures, from the strategic point of view, we increase the strength of scientific and technological innovation; from the tactical point of view, we adhere to the "four focuses", namely, focusing on products, technology, resources and markets. For scientific and technological innovation, this is the most basic and core thing.
Beiqi Group's development of new energy automobiles is not a "single-handed struggle". On the one hand, we have in-depth cooperation with superior domestic enterprises in various fields of new energy. On the other hand, we have also cooperated extensively with international automobile enterprises engaged in new energy automobile industry, international enterprises around the "three electricity" and new energy related fields. This is our basic attitude.
"Strengthen research and development of science and technology, strengthen the development of new energy vehicles, and make the capital's cabbage heart."
In response to a reporter's question on how Beiqi Group implements the Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-2030), Xu Heyi said:
Recently, the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council approved the general urban planning of Beijing, which is from 2016 to 2035. As mentioned in the report of the General Secretary, China will initially become a modern and powerful country by 2035. It is mentioned in the plan that we should build high-quality and sophisticated industries around the construction of "four centers", instead of "cabbage gang", we should "cabbage heart". From the perspective of automobile industry or manufacturing industry, I look at it from three dimensions: